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Hard filled candy condensed milk, coconut, chocolate, fruits, mint with chocolate and assorted.

Hortelã Recheada

Hard filled candy Mint.


Hard filled candy coconut.

Bala Chicle

Hard filled candy bubble gum.


Hard Candy, Chery, mint and Assorted Flavors.

Coffee – King

Coffe hard candy, flowpack package.

Amendoim Crocante

Peanut crunchy hard candy flavor.

Icy Fresh Menta

Hard candy refreshing peppermint flavor. Presented in several bag options.


Toffee Chewable candy. Milk , chocolate and coconut.

Due Sabore

Two colors and flavors. Fruit with whipped cream and fruit with withe chocolate.

Butter Cream

Chewable candy of milk


Chewable candy of yogurt. Strawberry and Assorted.

Frutas Mastigáveis

Chewable candy of Assorted fruits. Strawberry , pineapple and grapce.
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