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Sour Pops

Lemon - Apple - Grape Filled With Bubble Gum - Frutilla - Ananás


Lollipop ball, milk flavor.


Lollipop ball.

Pop Gum

Lollipop Ball filled with buble gum. Strawbery, orange and grape Flavors.

Poft Ball

Lollipop Ball filled with buble gum. Tutti Frutti Flavor.

Yogo Pop

Assorted Lollipop Ball. yogurte flavors of Pineapple, orange, strawberry and peach.

Piru Cream

Lollipop ball chewy filled respberry, orange and grape, chery and Strawberry.

Pop Fruit

Lollipop ball chewy filled strawberry, orange and grape.

Xuca Luca

Lollipop Flavors Orange, Strawberry and Grape Stuffing with Chicle

Color Mania

Assorted Lollipop ball. Respberry and tutti-frutti. It´s very funny. It´s painting tongue.


Assorted Lollipop ball. Strawberry, tutti-frutti and mint filled with buble gum.

Amigos do Coração

Lollipop tutti frutti plan. heart format.


Lollipop plan.Strawberry and chocolate.

Pop Fish

Assorted Lollipop plan. Knowledge of the sea.
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